The importance of faith and hope in human life

Humans have always been looking for answers about their origin. Today, people struggle with the choice between the Big Bang theory and the course of evolution, and a belief in the existence or higher forces. Regardless of the reasons that drives us, faith has always accompanied humanity, as exemplified by prehistoric religion.

Apart from the religious aspects, faith has a strong influence on the human psyche. It’s the main support during a crisis, it allows us to identify our moral values, through which a person can identify with a particular group of people presenting similar attitude. Faith, in spite of its own requirements, creates an unusual guide which leads to one goal. It should be noted that any religious belief promises the prospect of a better life in exchange for the proceedings in accordance with certain rules. As one of the significant elements of personality development, it shapes morality. That is why strong faith motivates a person to act in line with their principles.

By taking time to perform activities that lead us to the desired goal, we hope that our efforts will pay off. Hope strengthens the sense of the present moment as well as the future. A person that has hope looks more positively into the future and can arouse a positive attitude towards the surrounding reality. In other words, hope is a feeling allowing us to believe that everything will turn out as we expected.

Faith and hope are firmly linked. We can say that without hope, faith would be incomplete, in turn, hope without faith is not stable enough. By shaping our beliefs, gaining experience and developing, hope can eventually develop into a belief that is the highest form of assurance beliefs.

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