The role of meditation in maintaining serenity, health and success in life

The art of relaxation, religious practice, a way for self-improvement – it’s only a few of many ways for meditation. From religion it has been moved to medical grounds and subjected to observations, which helped establish the positive impact on health and human psyche. It is an interesting object of research for psychologists, and it still remains a mystery. One thing is certain – meditation brings significant benefits to all who practice it.

Meditation has a spiritual dimension through in-depth study of the human subconscious. Reflexes, anxiety and traumatic experiences that you often unconsciously “pushed” away can be controlled with it. Practicing meditation daily, you recognise your true self. Often unknown until this moment – because the task of subconscious is to be the silent observer of your life, that can store memories about everything you experience. Delving into your subconscious you can eliminate the negative impact of memories, reaching calm and equanimity.

Medical observation confirmed what people in the Far East know for thousands of years – meditation is important for human health. Today’s society, more than ever before, is plagued with diseases associated with stress, insomnia and environmental pollution. Meditation is used in the treatment of diseases associated with hyperactivity, irregular heartbeat and the circulatory system. Entering the trance activates the hormone that brings pleasure, which is why you can feel deep relaxation and freedom from stress while simultaneously reducing cortisol in the blood. Slowly you start feeling like the tension from your whole body drops, heart beats calmly, and breathing evens. These are the heights of relaxation.

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